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What is the mission of Judson & Company?
The success of our customers depends on Judson & Company offering the best fashion jewelry (also called costume jewelry) at the lowest wholesale prices. Our wholesale fashion necklaces are beautiful designer jewelry pieces selected for quality and appeal. We coordinate styles to similar fashion earrings, fashion bracelets, and affordable fashion watches. Our collection of designer jewelry is hand selected for our retail jewelry customers for the best selling, most top quality fashion jewelry items and offered to our customers at volume discounts.
Offering new exciting jewelry products, including a wide assortment of jewelry and fashion accessories - and retail fashion jewelry displays - is the business model that has made us successful. New designer products have a stimulating effect on both customers and employees. Excited employees are better jewelry sales people and excited customers purchase more fashion accessories for their wardrobe.
Why should I buy from Judson & Company?
Judson & Company is a jewelry dealer that you can trust. In business for 26 years, Judson & Company is a leading wholesale fashion jewelry dealer. We offer you quality, top selling fashion accessories at volume pricing. Trust us to send you only what you ordered, no substitutes without your approval. Trust us to deliver every order on time and packed professionally. We ship immediately and daily. All jewelry orders made 3 pm are shipped same day. Our fast shipping gets our customers their jewelry inventory where it needs to be - in the retail jewelry and fashion stores.
Who can buy from Judson & Company?
Judson & Company is strictly business to business and does not sell directly to retail customers (i.e. the end users). No consumer sales. No retail sales. As such, all customers are required to submit a state-issued sales tax certificate/ID number which allows for tax-free purchases.
Do you require a State Tax Certificate/ID number?
Yes. To purchase from Judson & Company you must present your state-issued sales tax certificate/ID number which allows for tax-free purchases. Judson & Company is strictly business to business and does not sell directly to retail customers (i.e. the end users).
Please contact our customer service department if your business resides outside the U.S.
Where can I get a State Tax Certificate/ID number?
State Tax Certificates/ID numbers are issued by the Department of Revenue or similarly named agency in the state where the business is located. Depending on your state, a sales tax certificate may also be called a sales and use tax certificate, resale certificate, reseller's permit, or a reseller's license. This certificate allows a retailer to purchase items tax-free when those items are purchased to be resold.
Can I use my business license number for tax-free purposes?
No. A business license number is not your state sales tax ID number.
A business license is a legal document that grants you the right to operate a business but does not grant you the ability to purchase from us tax-free.
Can I use my EIN instead of a State Tax Certificate/ID number?
No. The EIN is not your state sales tax ID number.
An EIN is issued by the Internal Revenue Service and primarily used by companies to pay taxes to the federal government and to identify themselves on income tax and employment tax returns.
Only a valid state-issued sales tax certificate/ID number can be used for tax-free purchases from Judson & Company.
Where are you located?
Our warehouse is located in Decatur, Alabama. However, we exhibit at several trade shows including Atlanta's AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta Ga.
Do you have a catalog?
Judson & Company offers an online fashion jewelry catalog with over 8000 items available for viewing and ordering online. Our online catalog and web site allows us to bring new products to the marketplace much faster. We update our website's New Arrivals category with new products daily. Shopping at Judson & Company will give your store access to quality fashion watches, wholesale fashion necklaces, and designer bracelets that are the most recent and best selling trends and styles. Your customers want to come back for more, time and time again.
How do I create an account?
Creating an account is simple at Judson & Company. To create an account just click on: Create an account, then fill the info and click on: submit
 Shopping at is simple, easy, and affordable. Check our Daily Specials and volume discounts. Wholesale fashion jewelry items that Judson & Company offers include: earrings, necklaces, long necklaces and sets, necklace sets, ID tags and glass holder necklaces, pendant sets, genuine stone jewelry, bracelets, charm bracelets, message bracelets, chain, chains, rings, fashion watches, stretch band watches, scarf band watches, leather band watches, children's watches, collegiate jewelry, collegiate sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, silver jewelry, silver bracelets, sterling silver necklaces, and retail jewelry displays and retail jewelry packaging.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, fashion wholesale jewelry orders over $400 receive a 25% volume discount off wholesale pricing. This discount is based on order dollar amount, not on quantities per item. The volume discount is automatically calculated in the shopping cart and displayed near the bottom of the page.
What is your guarantee?
We guarantee your complete 100% satisfaction. It's our goal to sell only top quality products. Should you receive items that do not meet your expectations or items that are damaged or defective, simply return them within 10 days of the invoice date for credit. Returned items must be in original condition and in original packaging. Items which have been displayed for sale or worn may not be returned.
No credits allowed for shipping.
Returned items may affect your discount.
What quality are your watches?
When you buy from Judson & Company you are assured you are purchasing high quality products. Our watches are multi- plated for a long-lasting brilliant finish, a quality battery and a Japanese movement (most with 3 hands). Many of our watches come with genuine mother of pearl dials, and genuine Swarovski crystal as noted in the descriptions. We also carry some contemporary high quality and fashionable acrylic lucite watches
Is your sterling silver jewelry marked .925?
All the jewelry in our sterling silver jewelry category is .925 sterling silver. .925 sterling silver refers to the percent of silver that makes up the alloy in sterling silver. All imported sterling silver is required to be marked .925, it may be stamped in the metal or if the item is to small it may only have a tag attached or inside the packaging. Domestic jewelry made in the U.S., however, is not required to be stamped or tagged.
How do I place an order?
To place an order with Judson & Company, add items to your shopping cart and put your order through online! If you are not comfortable ordering online, you may phone or fax your order to us. However, phone and fax orders will take longer to process.
Our online order system is streamlined and highly integrated, therefore the shipments go out much quicker. We ship fast shipments - same day immediate shipping
How are your items shipped?
We ship most orders via FedEx. You are able to select the shipping level (ground or air delivery) during the first stage of the checkout process.
Do you ship internationally?
If you would like to place an order and you live outside the USA, please email us, or call us at +1 (866) 615-8247.
Why is there a pending charge for $1.00 on my account?
Different types of merchants, such as gas stations and online merchants, may process an authorization for $1.00 to verify that your credit card is valid. Actual charges will post based on the sales draft submitted by the merchant and may not post for up to 10 days. If we do not receive the sales draft, the charge may not post to your account. If you have further questions, we suggest you contact the merchant.
How soon are most orders shipped?
Most Internet orders are shipped same day for orders placed before 12:00 PM CST. Fax or phone orders and all orders during peak sales periods may take an additional day so please plan appropriately. Orders with higher shipping levels will be given higher priority (eg. UPS Next Day Air orders will be given priority over UPS Ground).
How do you handle back orders?
We will ship all available back orders within 14 days of invoice. There is no shipping charge on back order shipments. Orders with less than $20 back ordered items are automatically canceled. You may reorder items on your next order. All back orders are canceled after 14 days.
Why can't I see the categories?
The categories menu requires that you have cookies enabled. Please look on our homepage for more information on enabling cookies.
The payment page says that I have an AVS mismatched, what should I do?
AVS is a order screening system to insure the card holder against unauthorized use. The system will only approve an order being shipped to the address where you receive your credit card bill, or to an alternate ship-to address on file with your credit card company. If you receive an AVS (Address Verification Service) error during the checkout, you have 3 options:
  1. Call you your credit card company and have them add an alternate ship-to address, this will not change where you receive your bill and is done instantly so you should be able to complete your order within a couple minutes.
  2. On the payment page of the checkout process, you can select the third option "Request a Callback for Credit Card Info" and then complete your order. We will phone you for your credit card information.
  3. Or you can simply call us, we will take your credit card info and process your order for you.
If you are still receiving an error please contact us at +1 (866) 615-8247.
Help, I can't get my order to go through!
If you are having problems getting your order to go through, please contact us at +1 (866) 615-8247.