Try Judsonpremier for only $15.99/mo — Free Shipping, Volume Pricing, Exclusive Sales, Facebook Group, and Low $50 Minimum on all orders.

Try Judsonpremier for only $15.99/mo

Same Day Shipping Cutoff: 3:00 PM
(Order within 33 hrs and 43 mins to have your order shipped tomorrow!)

Spend $400, Get 25% Off Your Entire Order*

(So you really only spend $300)

At Judson & Company, we never stop thinking about helping our customers maximize their margins. All regularly marked items will display their wholesale price, as well as a price marked "volume". This "volume" price is the cost of the product once your basket subtotal reaches $400.00.

Once reached, all subsequent items added to your basket will reflect the 25% discount, and be added at the "volume" price. The only items that are excluded from the 25% discount are items that are on sale, which includes the Daily Deal, and items with a price marked "Final".

Everyone is Eligible!

(Just make sure your basket's subtotal is >$400)

Common Questions

Do I need to order multiple pieces of every style?

No! The 25% volume discount is based on the subtotal amount of all items in your basket. You may order 1 piece of 100 styles, or 100 pieces of a single style — as long as your subtotal is at or above $400.00.

Do I need be approved to get the volume discount?

No! Everyone with an account is eligible for the volume discount. If you don't have an account, you may sign up for one here (It only takes a minute!).

I've added $400 to my basket, now what?

Once your basket subtotal is at or above $400.00, the product prices in your basket will change to reflect the additional discount. If they do not change, it is likely that some items in your basket are on sale, and do not count towards the required $400.00 subtotal.

This is so much better than buying by the dozen!

Thanks! We know that having lots of styles to appeal to a diverse set of customers is more important than having deep stock in only a few styles — and we've structured our discounts around that as well!